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Hotel and Apartment Furniture Custom Made Bathroom Vanities Brochure


bathroom vanities





Download the PDF Brochure of Hotel Bathroom Vanities by Granite Marble and Quartz Stone



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Specification of Bathroom Vanities

Frame Mirror @ Vanity
Description: 1/4" (6mm) thick polished glass plate with Grade A silvering and protective back behind plate.
Customization options: frame profile, color and finishes
Frame size: W 42" x H 39", frame width 1"
Orientation of frame: horizontal
Hardware: three point security mount
1) For mirrors over 48" (1200mm) in any direction, provide inner frame and cross bracing.
2) All pieces must crated for shipping. All corners should be wrapped with corner guards. Crates should be labeled with instructions for shipment, storage and opening of crate.



  Custom produce each pieces of furniture and casegoods for your design and procurement of hotel,motel and apartment  



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